Example Item Template

This example item template is to give the user a head start on understanding the setup and capabilities of the Estimate Rocket line items. The Smart Line Items will not only present a price and detail of services to the customer but will also calculate the labor and material needed for the project and establish and estimated profit margin. This item template may lead you to look for industry specific item templates as well.

List of Industry Specific Estimate Builders - Item Templates

This template is meant to give a head start into getting items setup for your specific industry. Many of the sample items are usable as provided in this item template.

All of the sub items of these assemblies will be saved into your account in a General group. This group of items is visible from the Settings > Item List area if you need to edit or expand your items. 

This is a list of some of the items included in the example item template what type of data is entered and what calculations are done with the smart line items.

There are a variety of item types in this item template. Resulting material and labor calculations will depend on which items are utilized in a project.

Full List of Item Templates

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