Using Exterior Painting Time & Material Item Template

The exterior painting time & material item template has only a few items included.  This template is meant for those who have years of experience and can walk around a building and determine the needed hours of labor and dollars or gallons of materials.   

Item entry is simple the hours are added and the material in either dollars or gallons of paint. If the dollars are used then only a dollars amount will appear in the material section of the work order but if gallons of paint are used the gallon count will appear on the work order.

Adding items to the estimate 

In a project when the Painting - exterior time & materials template is selected there will be a list of pre-loaded generic items will be available. 

In this example the 140 hour entered for the straight labor, $200 for expenses and 12 gallons of paint with directly transfer into the labor / material section of the project and thus the work order as well. 

Exterior Painting Scope of Work

There is a default scope of work item that should be added to all projects. This scope of work is exactly that, a more detailed description of what services will be provided and perhaps even which surfaces will be painted within the scope of the 140 hours and 12 gallons of paint. The default scope of work statement will need to modified to suit the need and level of detail on any project. The suggestion is to definitely make that scope of work cover all surfaces and perhaps remove surfaces from the scope depending on the project. It may also be appropriate to include a list of surfaces that are excluded from a job that way the surface is not only omitted from the scope line but also mentioned in the exclusion line.

The exterior painting time and material template is ideal for use when the expertise of the estimator is the key to getting the estimate prepared. However if it is a goal to use surface measurements and item counts the item based exterior painting template might be a better choice.

Exterior Painting Time & Material Item Template

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