General Line Item with Formatting - Used in Project

The general line item with formatting is not intended to add any dollars to the project total but to essentially server as a set of basic examples of how text can be formatted on line items to change the font size and color and other basic formatting The full intent of this is for you to take portions that seem interesting and incorporate those by copying and pasting into some of your descriptions.

  1. A bunch of crazy formatted text

In this sample project the general scope of work is added to a project

Line Item is Added Directly to the Project

  • General Labor Hours = NA
  • Production rate of service = NA
  • Labor Calculation 1 = NA
  • Labor Calculation 2 = NA

This line item can be edited by clicking on the edit line item button.

A Preview of the Estimate shows the customer the detailed scope of work

Estimated Profit Margin

There is no profit margin calculated here because there are no dollars added to the project.

Edit the Formatting Examples as needed

Copy any of the aspects of the different formatting into your own line items to change font size or color.

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