General Labor Hours (hours) - Edit for use

The Estimate Rocket example item template has a general labor hours item that calculates customer price, profit margin and work order components based on the number of dollars added to the project

Click here to see the general labor hours (hours) item used in a project

Navigate to Settings > Item List and click on the item count on the right under to filter you item list by all items in the General group. In the item list either scan the list or search for general labor dollars.

  • The general labor hours is a basic labor item. 
  • The price to the customer will be the number of hours added to this line item times the price per hour.
  • Out of this type of line item you will get the labor added to the work order and the profit margin calculated based on your labor price and labor cost.

Change the General Labor hours price to the customer

  • The only real change to the labor hours price is the actual price of the labor.

Changing the labor price will change the multiplier to how much X number of hours will be priced at

At $50 per hour the labor times 20 hours will be $1000.
At $100 per hour the labor on a 10 hour job will be $1000.

Click here to see the general labor hours (hours) item used in a project

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