General Plant Shrubbery (each) Used in Project

The general plant shrubbery (each) item assembly is based on a production rate of 2 hours per shrubbery.  The Estimate Rocket smart line items output 3 sets of information when an item is added to a project: 

  1. Price and detailed work description for your customer to see
  2. Estimated profit margin calculation
  3. Time and materials calculations for work orders

Click here to see how to modify the general plan shrubbery (each) for specific use.

In this sample project area is going to have shrubbery planted.

Line Item is Added Directly to the Project

  • Shrubbery count = 10 each
  • Production rate of planting = 2 hours each
  • Labor Calculation 1 = 10 each / 0.5 each per hour = 20 hours needed
  • Labor Calculation 2 = 20 hours x $50 per hour = $1000 labor dollars
  • Material Calculation 1 = 10 each / 1 each = 10 each of shrubbery needed
  • Material Calculation 2 = 10 each x $100 each shrubbery = $1000 material dollars
  • Total Calculation $1000 labor dollars + $1000 material dollars = $2000 total dollars

The planting shrubbery is priced at $2000 and the customer will see that price on their estimate along with a detailed description of the work to be done.

A Preview of the Estimate shows the customer the price and detailed description

Estimated Profit Margin

The general plant shrubbery also calculates an estimated profit margin for this project as seen in the project detail screen.

In this case there are labor and material components involved in the assembly, the price to the customer is $200 per shrubbery and the cost is $120 per shrubbery. The profit margin for the general plant shrubbery is 40% based on the default item setup.

The labor and materials are also calculated for in the work order. The labor and materials section is not displayed on the customer estimate but is displayed in the work order.

The labor time and material needed are both calculated based on this assembly.

Click here to see how to modify the general plant shrubbery (each) for specific use.

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