Plumber Item Template

The plumber item template has roughly 30 items that range from unclog sink to main line replacement.

This template is primarily based on a count of items which will calculate the needed time to complete the project. The only materials in this template are from various full installations.

The final project price will be based on the calculation of hours and the price of the labor. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of some of the items included in the plumber template.

  • Plumbing Emergency Call (Dollars)
  • Plumbing Service Call (EA)
  • Unclog Sink (EA)
  • Unclog Drain (EA)
  • Unclog Garbage Disposal (EA)
  • Sewer Line Cleaning (EA)
  • Fix a Leak (EA)
  • Pipe Repair (EA)
  • Shower Repair (EA)
  • Drain Line Repair (EA)
  • Toilet Repair (EA)
  • Sump Pump Repair (EA)
  • Water Heater Repair (EA)
  • Water Softener Repair (EA)
  • Water Main Repair (EA)
  • Well Pump Repair (EA)
  • Garbage Disposal Installation (EA)
  • Bathtub Installation (EA)
  • Shower Installation (EA)
  • Sump Pump Installation (EA)
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation (EA)
  • Toilet Installation (EA)
  • Water Softener Installation (EA)
  • New Home Plumbing (SQ FT)
  • Home Addition Plumbing (SQ FT)
  • Plumbing Labor (hour)

The pros for using this item template is that Estimate Rocket will calculate the hours and materials needed for each phase of the project which will be published on the work order for easy reference by your field supervisor or crew.

Full List of Item Templates

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