Handyman Item Template

The handyman item template has 21 items that include various household repair and replacement options.

This template is setup for the user to enter a count of each type of services and the project total will be determined based on a built in material cost and amount of labor. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the handyman template.

  • Ceiling Fan Replacement (Each)
  • Door Knob Replacement (Each)
  • Door Replacement (Each)
  • Electrical Fixture Replacement (Each)
  • Faucet Replacement (Each)
  • Garage Door Opener Replacement (Each)
  • Glass Replacement (Each)
  • Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Replacement (Each)
  • Light Fixture Replacement (Each)
  • Replace Mailbox (Each)
  • Shower Head Replacement (Each)
  • Sink Replacement (Each)
  • Storm Door Replacement (Each)
  • Toilet Replacement (Each)
  • Window Replacement (Each)
  • Door Repair (Each)
  • Garage Door Repair (Each)
  • Drywall Patching (Each)
  • Deck Repair (Each)
  • Paint Touch Up (Each)
  • Handyman Labor (Hour)

Most items have a material allowance built in and a set number of hours for the labor. Any of the replacement / repairs may be different than these standardized amounts and should be reviewed against your labor and material price before quoting any real jobs.

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