General Power Wash (square-feet) - Edit for use

The Estimate Rocket example item template has a general power wash item that calculates customer price, profit margin and work order components based on the dimensions area that needs to have power washing done.

Click here to see the general power washing (square feet) item used in a project

Navigate to Settings > Item List and click on the item count on the right under to filter you item list by all items in the General group. In the item list either scan the list or search for general power washing.

  • The general power washing by square feet assembly consists of single labor item which is general labor. The labor is going to be configured to represent the speed at which the power washing can be done (production rate) is 100 square feet per hour. 
  • The price to the customer is $0.50 per square foot based on the fact the labor is priced at $50 per hour and 100 square feet can be done in a hour.

Change the Painting price to customer

  • Changing the production rate of the power washing will change the $ per square foot
  • Changing the price of the labor will also change the $ per square foot

If the power washing can be done more quickly that the default 100 square feet per hour adjust that production rate to a number that is more fitting. If the number of hours that calculates is correct then move on to change the price of the general labor to more closely match the need. Cutting the general labor price per hour from $50 to $25 will also cut the price per square foot of this assembly. Increasing the price of the labor will have an equal but opposite effect.

The price of general labor (hour) can also be changed. This is done by searching for the general labor (hour) and editing that labor item to the new general labor price. If there is a change to the general labor (hour) price all of the other assemblies that use general labor will also reflect this new hourly price.

If the labor hours to power wash are proper the price for the material can also be changed. 

The labor price and the production rate can all be changed in combination to yield the proper price and work hours on this item.

Click here to see the general power washing (square feet) item used in a project

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