Exterior Paint Upgrade Item Template

The exterior paint upgrade item template has  2 items that will either represent a paint upgrade or a paint downgrade. The assumption is that a standard quote is done at the mid-level paint quality which give the upsell opportunity to premium paint or the ability to discount the project by using economy paint

The items in this template are based on the price difference between a gallon of the mid level paint and the premium or economy paint. For example if the entire project calculated out to be 15 gallons of paint and the different between mid-level and premium paint was $20 per gallon the dollar total for the upgrade would be 15 gallons x $20 per gallon or $300. 

This step could be done for any paint type (wall, trim, deck, etc)

The optional group price will be more if the paint is an upgrade but it will be less if the switch is to economy paint. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of of the items included in the exterior paint upgrade template.

  • Exterior Paint change to Premium Paint
  • Exterior Paint change to Economy Paint

If the paint upgrade group is presented as an optional group (not included in project total) the customer will be able to accept or reject the premium paint upgrade in the customer portal.

Full List of Item Templates

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