Employee Notification Sending

Employee notifications and SMS Alerts are now available in Estimate Rocket.

Employee Notification Sending

Additional notifications include assignment of a project, assignment of a calendar task and an @ mention in any of the notes fields. None of the original notifications have been changed except to add a SMS alert of the major notifications have not been reviewed in a specific amount of time. 

The new notifications will also allow for quick access to the project with the project link in the notification itself.

Triggering an Assignment Notification

Using Estimate Rocket in a fashion where estimates are assigned to an estimator or work orders are assigned to a supervisor, these actions will trigger an assignment notification. There are no additional steps required to trigger the direct employee notification. If a project is assigned to the logged in user there is no 'self notification' but other involved users will be notified.

Triggering a Schedule Task / Event Notification

In the calendar the assigned estimates and work orders will always be visible. 
When adding a stand-alone task / event to the calendar the 'Who' employee on the task will be notified directly.

Triggering an @ Notification

All of the notes boxes in Estimate Rocket will now be configured that if the @ symbol is typed in a list of employees is seen. Selecting the employee(s) and adding a note will notify each of the employees directly.

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