Standard to Enterprise - Transition

In the transition from the Standard to Enterprise version of Estimate Rocket some key changes will be apparent.  The most immediate change is the fact that the dashboard now appears slightly different than the projects page. During the transition a best practice would be to click on the Projects link at the top to see what is normally the default screen. One of the other most obvious change surrounds the feature that will allow the scheduling of your estimates and work orders as well as a project assigned to user and 'due date'.  

There will be a set of 4 tabs now in both the project view and the dashboard called All, Late, Today and Future.

To see a list of the key new features check out this help page.

All Tab - projects overdue, due today or due in the future are displayed in this tab sorted with the oldest project at the top.

Late Tab - project that are overdue display in this tab sorted with the most recent project at the top.

Today Tab - the projects that have assigned actions today appear on this tab. This may be performing an estimate, performing a work order or following up on a pending project or invoice.

Future Tab - the projects that have assignments either today or in the future appear on this tab.

What will be seen after the conversion 

Immediately after the conversion the dashboard screen will look different. Currently the view will show a list of all projects with the different stages (estimate, pending, work order, invoice, receipt). After the conversion all of those projects will have had a 'due date' added. If the login is the day of the conversion of the projects will appear on the today tab because they are given today as a default due date. If the login is the day after the conversion the projects will all appear in the late or all tab as described above. Navigate to the projects page in the top tabs to see a view very similar to what the dashboard used to look like. See the before and after screens in this 4 minute video.

Project from Start to Finish

This 15 minute video will run through a project from start to finish with a standard account and an enterprise account side by side.

Still Confused

Sign up for a live product walk through specifically about the differences between standard and enterprise accounts and ask your additional questions. Standard to Enterprise live walk through

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