Standard to Enterprise Transition - Key Features

As you transition from a Standard Estimate Rocket account to an enterprise Estimate Rocket account you will notice some new features.

Check out this help page with some high level instructions and full video comparing the Standard and Enterprise estimate from beginning to end.

Scheduling - In Estimate Rocket you can now schedule your estimates and work orders. There is an active schedule tab that will hold your calendar of events and during the work flow of a project you can schedule the estimate and look over the active schedule to make sure you don't double book. The same is true once the project reaches the work order phase.

Email Templates - Email templates will allow you to configure a standard set of working for each phase of your project and then quickly use that wording on any email you send without the need to re-type your message. The templates use tokens, which get data directly from the Estimate Rocket database, and will personalize the message for your client.

Follow Up Campaign - A follow up campaign is a series of emails that can be configured to automatically message the client at predetermined intervals.

Proposals - Proposals are saved snap-shots of the current items on an estimate. Proposals can be approved electronically and use by you as a binding contract. Change orders can also be created if your client requests additional work that was not in the original proposal.

Document Templates - Document templates allow you to standardize the look and feel of your documents. The standard level account has The additional document template in this new version is the change order document template

Electronic Signature - Close more sales right at the time of the estimate!  The proposals are exposed to the client in the customer portal and the client can sign them on the spot in the portal. 

Expenses - within projects the material and hours expenses can be tracked directly. The addition of expenses will also calculate, in conjunction with worked hours, an actual profit margin on a project.

Hours - For field users and full users hours can be tracked against any project to help determine the exact profit margin.

Profit Margin - Within Estimate Rocket you have the ability to set the cost and price of your materials and labor. Every gallon of paint you might price to the customer at $80 but cost you $40. For every gallon you estimate will be needed will add $40 to your estimated margin. The expenses and hours will both be used in the calculation of the actual profit margin of a project.

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