Welcome to Estimate Rocket - Inspired by U

Congratulations on your new Estimate Rocket account with the Inspired by U settings. Corrie Leister has worked hard to put together a set of item templates, line items, document template and email templates that are suited to best represent a cabinet / furniture refinishing business. 

Account Branding

There are some critical steps to brand this account for your business but using Corrie's templates to guide you. One of the first things you will want to do is to upload a company logo. This can be done from the Settings > Company information page.

Document Templates

Before sending out any document it will be critical to review all document templates to verify the wording on those templates is how you do business. 

  • Settings > Document Templates 
  • Review each of the 5 document templates for the wording in the Terms and Contract tab

Email Templates

Before sending any emails it will be important for you to review the wording on those emails and to make sure any links to direct customers to your review page or to designers and partners you are working with. Listed below are some emails that should definitely be changed. But in general a review of all templates would be recommended. 

  • Settings > Email Templates
    • After Project Is Complete - replace link to your Google Review page.
    • Coronavirus Update - replace state virus guidelines with your state and guidelines
    • Deposit Received there is a reference to a designer name - replace {designer_name_here} with your designer name or remove this portion. Also replace {partner1_company} and {partner2} with the names of your partners.
    • Email to Partners After Acceptance - replace {partner1} with your partner name
    • Furniture Quote - replace OUR PRODUCTS with the products you use. Testimonials - add your own testimonials.
    • Kitchen Cabinet Quote - replace {partner1} {partner1_company} with details of your partners and replace OUR PRODUCTS with the products you use.
    • Preparing for your Kitchen Cabinet Renovation - verify wording as this is a very detailed description of work to be done by day.

This is the example of what would need to be edited in the 'After Project is Complete' email template.

More Detailed Questions

Please contact Corrie Leister directly if you have additional questions.

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