Using Deck Wood Paint Stain Item Template

The deck wood paint stain item template has many different types of elements and will quote based on square feet. The general setup of this template is slightly different that the interior and exterior templates which focus on totals for 2 coats of product where there is an initial coat and then subsequent coats with a slightly different production rate.

The deck wood paint stain item template will also focus on different paint application methods such as spray, roll and brush.

The items here will all require a square foot measurement and will calculate the needed labor hours and paint or stain needed.

Adding items to the estimate 

In a project when the deck wood paint stain item template is selected there will be a list of pre-loaded items that will quote based on a production rate and the material coverage rate. 

In this example there are 2 coats being brushed onto a deck on the main deck surface (300 SQ FT) and the railings (120 SQ FT). This area entered for the deck and railings has calculated 6.93 hours of labor and 2.80 gallons of paint for the work order. 

The assembly in this case brushing of the 1st coat has a production rate of 150 SQ FT per hour and the paint covers 300 SQ FT per gallon.  These production rates and coverage rates can be adjusted to fit the specific project. Too many adjustments to these rates are an indication that there may need to be changes / additions made directly to the line items

Adding each of the individual deck components will total the labor and material components in each assembly into a total hours and gallons of each paint type for the project.

Using Output Single Line Item or Not

At the top right hand corner of the deck painting item template there is a box to output single line item or not.  There have been many arguments both ways and the best practice will be based on preferences on what the final proposal will look like. Ultimately the use of this template and combination of items used will determine if the output single line item is the best case for specific estimates.

Deck Wood Paint Stain Item Template

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