Streamlined UI - New Features

New features of the new streamlined user interface introduced in May 2023.

The new user interface will display more information at the client level and allow for customer messaging to improve the CRM capabilities of the software. 

Some of the new features include the addition of 2 quick action buttons (reassign / reschedule & message client), a table view on the dashboard, ‘needs attention’ button back out to top level on projects page, client classification, client projected value, client total value and a customer portal ‘about us’ page just to name a few.

Highlight: Our exciting new 2 way client messaging feature including appointment and document texting, and general / customer project messaging with text notifications is part of this new user interface. 

These videos are intended to be a quick introduction to the new features and settings.

General Settings (0:45)

Customer Portal Settings - About Us Page (1:24)

Setting Client Stages (0:29)

Document Template Editor (0:27)

Settings - Text Document (1:35)

Settings - Message Client (1:00)

Employee Management (1:09)

Account Activity (0:28)

Client Export (0:30)

Streamlined UI - Introduction

Streamlined UI - New Features / Settings

Streamlined UI - Changes (what has moved)

Streamlined UI - Customer Portal (client experience)

2 Way Client Communications - Client OPT Out

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