Streamlined UI - Changes (things moved)

Some things have changed in the new streamlined user interface introduced in May 2023.

We worked really hard to minimize what was changed but some changes were needed for security purposes and to streamline the mobile device user experience.

Some changes include the MORE button from the project detail being retired, the client list download and full account activity has been moved into the settings for security reasons.  The client edit in mobile has also been changed to allow for less scrolling in the project detail.

Cancel a Project 
From the gear button at the upper right there is an option to Archive Project. 
This works exactly the same as the cancel button in the previous version of Estimate Rocket. 

These videos are meant to be a brief introduction to the things that have changed / moved.

Change - MORE Button Retired from Project Detail (0:56)

Change - Mobile Edit Client (0:43)

Change - Client download (0:30)

Change - Account Activity (0:29)

Streamlined UI - Introduction

Streamlined UI - New Features / Settings

Streamlined UI - Changes (what has moved)

Streamlined UI - Customer Portal (client experience)

2 Way Client Communications - Client OPT Out

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