Streamlined UI - Introduction

In May of 2023 Estimate Rocket introduced a new streamlined user interface.

We've been working hardy studying thousands of users' interactions with the software in the field and in the office to create a new user experience. The new user interface will make estimating faster, streamline project workflow and improve client communications. 

The experience on a mobile device will also be improved with buttons being compressed and turned into drop-downs to allow for quicker navigation.

Highlight: Our exciting new 2 way client messaging feature including appointment and document texting, and general / customer project messaging with text notifications is part of this new user interface. 

These videos are intended to be a quick introduction to the new screens and basic usage / navigation on either a PC or mobile device.

See a full run through of the new UI in the Collaboration Tuesday recording at the bottom of this page. The presentation of the new interface starts at around the 9:30 mark in that video. 

Dashboard - Table view, Reassign / Reschedule quick action button, Client message quick action button

New Dashboard on PC (0:40)

New Dashboard on Mobile (0:49)

Projects - Needs Attention back to top level display, Reassign / Reschedule quick action button, Client message quick action button

New Projects on PC (0:40)

New Projects on Mobile (0:47)

Project Detail - Universal Add, Tab View, Focus View, Client message section, Text documents section, Client appointment confirmation

New Project Detail on PC (3:33)

New Project Detail on Mobile (1:41)

Clients - Table view, Client status, Client value, Total value

New Clients on PC (0:54)

New Clients on Mobile (1:24)

Client Detail - Client permissions, client / project level files, client / project level emails, client / project level notes

New Client Detail on PC (2:54)

New Client Detail on Mobile (0:35)

Collaboration Tuesday Full Interface Walkthrough Video (58:09)

Streamlined UI - Introduction

Streamlined UI - New Features / Settings

Streamlined UI - Changes (what has moved)

Streamlined UI - Customer Portal (client experience)

2 Way Client Communications - Client OPT Out

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