Get Going with Estimate Rocket

Welcome to Estimate Rocket! We want to help you get going quickly with Estimate Rocket so you can:

  • Create fast, professional estimates and proposals
  • Keep customer and team communication all on one platform 
  • Enable sales processes and CRM
  • Schedule and manage jobs
  • Plan yearly sales and profit goals using Deep Data Analysis

The six steps in the Get Going path will help you get there fast!



15 minute one-on-one call with Customer Success Team, walking through the Quickstart.

First Proposal
Online, self-guided activities that walks you through your First Proposal in Estimate Rocket.




Collaboration Tuesdays             
Drop in any Tuesday at 2 pm ET for open discussion and topic training in the 4 Skills: Estimating, Sales, Workflow, and Profitability.

Team Training             
Team Training sessions and user conference that brings the whole team to learn to collaborate and hand-off in Estimate Rocket.




Growth Podcasts        
Weekly business development podcasts to help you grow your business! 

Vision Conference        
Online workshop video series and planning tools to help companies plan aggressive sales and profit growth for the coming year.



Additional Resources


Help Articles             
Tech Tip Videos

Get Better Tuesdays             

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