May 2017 Update

Payment Processing

Your customers can now pay invoices with Credit or Debit cards! We have added support for collecting payments for Invoices right in the Customer Portal!

Connect a Stripe account to Estimate Rocket and start collecting payments today!

Customer Portal

Project Invoices will now display on the Customer Portal alongside Estimates and Change Orders.

By popular request, we have added a new token that allows you to email a link to a specific project in the customer portal - {customer_portal_project_url}. Using this link will mean that the client will only see active and saved documents for that single project.

To use the new link, replace the current {customer_portal_url} link in your email templates for Estimates and Invoices.

The main customer portal page now shows all active documents and a listing of customer projects. Selecting a project on the main page will display all the active and saved documents for that project.


Your customers can now sign and accept a proposal that does not have a dollar value. This can be used for time and material projects with no total price and for confirming details of a project such as work timeframe or product selections.

When your customer accepts a proposal in the client portal you can now see the date, time, and user’s ip address at the time of acceptance on the project screen.

When a customer requests changes they no longer have the ability to enter in an amount that they accept, they can only enter a comment.


If you have payment processing enabled, you can select Pay with Card from the invoice dropdown on the project screen to pay the invoice with a credit or debit card.

Invoices that have a paid amount greater than the invoice total will have a new Overpaid status that will need to be corrected in order to close the invoice.


Preview and email receipts for individual payments right from the project page.

The Receipt Report Export option now includes columns for Fee and Net amounts so you can track and reconcile your payment processing fees if you link a Stripe account.

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