March 2016 Update

Here is what's new: 

  • Have you ever scheduled a job and needed to send out a new estimate, or send an invoice when a job is in progress? Now it's easy! Simply select the drop down arrow on the Preview or Email buttons to view or send any type of document, regardless of what state the project is in. 

  • Need to remove something from an estimate and save it for later? Now you can remove line item groups from your documents by clicking the line item group edit button and selecting Exclude from Document. You can add it back in later by selecting the Include in Document option.

  • One of our most requested features has been text formatting support in emails. You can now use Markdown and HTML formatting in Emails and Email Templates by selecting the Markdown option. Add links, photos, bolding, bulleted lists, and more. You can find a few Markdown examples here:

  • Export your client list to a spreadsheet from the Client screen. You can import this list into most third party emailing services to do promotional mailings to all your customers.

  • At the PDCA Expo, we introduced a new addon for estimating exterior painting jobs. For $5/user/month you can greatly increase the accuracy of and save time on your exterior painting estimates. If you're interested in adding this to your account let us know.

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