November 2017 Update

Customer Portal Streamlined

The Customer Portal dashboard has been streamlined to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.

The document icons are now more compact and grouped by project so your customers can more quickly find what they need.

We also added a print button to every document preview so that your customers can easily print any document in their portal.

When a customer accepts a proposal through the Customer Portal, the document will include a new page that includes information such as signer name, date and time, ip address, accepted amount, and notes.

Signature Capture Changes

Signature Capture now can be enabled and disabled via the new Signature Capture settings screen. We updated our terms to clarify Customer Portal and Signature Capture usage.

When using signature capture, your customers will now be required to accept our new “Electronic Signature and Records Disclosure” as required by the “Uniform Electronic Transactions Act”.

Setting Account Country

You can now set your country on the Settings > Company Info screen.

If you are located in Canada, setting your country should improve the accuracy of the in app projects maps.

Adding Line Items

The + Line Item popup should now load quicker for users with large items lists. It is now possible to search items by description as well as name.

Getting Help

The Help? button in the top menu will now open up our support site in a new window. This should make it easier find what you are looking for without losing your place in the app.

Miscellaneous UI Improvements and Bug Fixes

This update also includes numerous other improvements and fixes that should improve your experience using Estimate Rocket

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