June 2016 Update

Deposit & Progress Invoices

Need to create a Deposit or Progress Invoice for a customer? Click on the Invoice button in the new invoice section on the project screen. Enter the percentage or total amount and give it a name like "Deposit Invoice" or "Progress Invoice 1/3” so you can easily differentiate your invoices. You can also set an optional invoice description for your customer to see.

The Invoice will show as 'unpaid' until you've added a payment for that specific invoice so you can keep track of the status of each invoice. When you click the arrow next to the 'Preview' or 'Email' button you can view and send any invoices you have created to your customer!

Save Groups in Item List

Now you can create groups in the Item List and set the name and options. When a group is added to a project it will use the settings that you saved in the Item List!

Save to Item List

When adding or editing line items and groups on a project you can check the "Save to Item List” box so you can update an existing or create a new item or group in your Item List and use it in another project later.

Create Template from Project

Did you create a proposal for a customer that you would like to use for future customers? Save time by creating an item template directly from an existing project! Create a template from a project by clicking More > Create Template from Project. Estimate Rocket will save all of your line items and groups to your Item List, and create an item template with default quantities making it easy to recreate later.

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