July 2016 Update

Select Existing Contacts

When you create a new project for an existing client, you’ll now have the option to select contacts that you’ve used for that client in the past. No more having to duplicate the same contact information on each new project

Clicking the Client’s name on the project screen will now take you to the client screen

From here you can Edit the client base information and view other client projects, contacts and notes. Here's how to edit Client Information from the project screen.

Line Item Descriptions are no longer hidden on smart phones

Markdown is now available for use in Work Notes

Now you can nicely format your Work Notes by entering Markdown text into the Notes Section. Here's our Markdown Cheatsheet.

New tokens are available for use in Email and Document Templates

{project_assignment_end_time}, {project_assignment_end_date}, {project_assignment_end_datetime}

Here's a complete list of available tokens.

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