Using The Search Bar

Use the Search bar to easily locate projects or clients by Name, Address, Phone Number, Company Name, Project Totals, #tags, and more. As you start typing, projects and clients that match what you've typed will instantly be displayed.

Search Filters

Search filters allow you to narrow down your results with using specific search parameters.

1.) Select the  icon.
2.) Use the three drop downs below the search bar to define your filter.
3.) Select the  button to apply the filter to your search.

Filter options:

Near - try Boston MA or Orlando FL

Distance - sets perimeter, for 5 miles enter 5

Created - project creation date

Estimated - the date Complete Estimate is clicked

Accepted - the date Accept Work is clicked

Work Completed - the date Complete Work is clicked

Invoiced - Is the first date the project is Invoiced

Owner - the project owner

Estimator - the project estimator

Supervisor - the person that did the work

Assignee - the person currently assigned the project

Subtotal - the project subtotal amount

Tax - the project tax amount

Total - the project total amount

Invoiced total - the total amount invoiced to date

Due - the amount invoiced but not yet paid

Paid - the total amount paid to date

Source - the project lead source

Billing City - city name where the client address is

Billing Zip - zip code where the client address is

Search Tags

Search Tags or Hash Tags (#), are keywords that are easily visible and can be searched in any of the Search bars. Hash Tags (#) can be placed in Internal Project Notes and Client Notes.

Use them to indicate a special job type like #home or #office-main to indicate different types of work. You could also use # to indicate different service zones, like #east or #west.

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