September 2018 Update

Employee Time Tracking!

Employees can now clock in and out of jobs in Estimate Rocket!

  • Employees with Time Tracking enabled can clock in and out and select an optional project and work code
  • Employees with the Manage Time Entries permission can view, add, and edit all time entries on the Hours screen
  • Time Tracking Settings allow you to define a list of Work Codes employees can select from when clocking in and out
  • New Field Users cost $10/user/month and are limited to clocking in and out
  • The Profitability edit screen within the project now has the ability to show time tracking hours
  • Contractor / Crew Leader employees can now add project notes and view projects notes they have added
  • The Work Progress report now includes projects that have time tracking hours or materials costs

Watch our Employee Time Tracking webinar here!

Miscellaneous UI Improvements and Bug Fixes

Other improvements and fixes have been implemented that should enhance user experience in Estimate Rocket.

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