September 2021 Updates

Introduction of In-App Notifications on:

  • Client viewed portal

  • Client accepted/rejected proposal

  • Client submitted payment

  • Email was delivered/failed on a project

  • Photos were uploaded correctly to the server

  • Line items were copied to a new project (if a large project)

Reports section improvements:

  • Reports were made more useful and clear on mobile devices

  • Report Navigation made more consistent on mobile devices

  • Changed name of Export to make more clear as to what is happening in reports

  • Large reports were moved to streaming, to avoid heroku timeouts

  • Added sorting on all reports in desktop mode

Other enhancements and improvements:

  • Copy line items to new project moved to background job if over a limit in order to prevent timeouts

  • Project Assignments added to filter (search who is assigned to a project)

  • Revamp of Project card to make more useful on mobile devices

  • New Timepicker added to provide a consistent experience on all browsers

  • Bug where PDFs would periodically not show signatures after stack update from May/June

  • Bug where billing information would not be changed upon changing a project for a client

  • Bug in Customer Portal where client could click Request Changes without submitting a comment

  • Bug for Android Devices where items would not return to a locked state 

  • Bug in Employee Planner where dates would periodically be incorrect fixed

  • Bug in dragging a task to a different date (it would lose the task name)

  • Bug in Franchise Portal where a total could be incorrect after moving to invoices

  • Minor tweaks to wording and spacing to improve UI and Readability

  • Underlying framework updates of Rails, jQuery and other libraries necessary to run the application

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