Shower Installation Item Template

The shower installation item template is based on a basic time and material type template. There are over 20 different material and labor to choose from.

In this case the basic installation steps are selected including the permit, base material, electrical work, plumbing work and wall material installation

The final project price will be based on the sum of the material total and the labor hours times the labor rate per hour. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the shower installation template.

  • Shower Permit (EA)
  • Remove and Dispose of Existing (EA)
  • Plumbing Labor (EA)
  • Electrical Labor (EA)
  • Acrylic Wall Panel Installed (EA)
  • Fiberglass Wall Panel Installed (EA)
  • Glass Shower Tile Installed (SQFT)
  • Porcelain Shower Tile Installed (SQFT)
  • Ceramic Shower Tile Installed (SQFT)
  • Glass Shower Door Installed (EA)
  • Shower Base Installed (EA)
  • Shower Plumbing Hardware (EA)
  • Shower Replacement Labor (hour)
  • Shower Replacement Plumbing (hour)
  • Shower Replacement Scope of Work

The output using this template will give a price to a client and also output labor and materials for a work order.

Full List of Item Templates

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