Pool Repair & Maintenance Item Template

The pool repair & maintenance item template is based on a basic time and material type template. There are pool cleaning assemblies that have a fixed set number of hours per pool size.

In this instance the materials will need to be added along with an amount of time needed to replace each item. The exception to the time and materials is the pool cleaning by size which each have a default number or hours to perform the cleaning.

The final project price will be based on the sum of the material total and the labor hours times the labor rate per hour. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the pool repair and maintenance template.

  • Pool Cleaning Large (EA)
  • Pool Cleaning Medium (EA)
  • Pool Cleaning Small (EA)
  • Pool Filter (EA)
  • Pool Gas Heater - 250K BTU (EA)
  • Pool Gas Heater - 400K BTU (EA)
  • Pool Lighting System - 50 FT (EA)
  • Pool Lighting System -100 FT (EA)
  • Pool Pump - 1 HP (EA)
  • Pool Pump - 2 HP (EA)
  • Pool Pump - Variable Speed (EA)
  • Pool Chlorine Generator (EA)
  • Pool Equipment Warranty Description (EA)
  • Pool Installation Labor (hour)
  • Pool Maintenance Labor (hour)

The output using this template will give a price to a client and also output labor and materials for a work order.

Full List of Item Templates

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