Home Automation and Security Item Template

The home automation and security industry specific estimate builder has included various aspects of home automation and security including the installation of smart lights and thermostats all the way through door bell cameras and full security systems.

As with any of the Estimate Rocket industry specific estimate builders you will need to adjust the labor price and material prices to suit your area.

Some of the items in this template include a calculated time and material needed to complete the project or the option is available to do estimates on a time and material basis.

The final project price will be based on the sum of the material total and the labor hours times the labor rate per hour. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the Home Automation and Security industry specific estimate builder.

  • System Training (EA)
  • Smart Blinds Installed (EA)
  • Door and Window Sensor Pack Installed (EA)
  • Smart Light Installed (EA)
  • Smart Lock Installed (EA)
  • Security Camera System Installed (EA)
  • Smart Smoke Detector Installed (EA)
  • Smart Speaker Installed (EA)
  • Smart Thermostat Installed (EA)
  • Video Doorbell Installed (EA)
  • Smart Water Monitoring Installed (EA)
  • WIFI Mesh System Installed (EA)
  • Smart Home Setup Labor (HR)
  • Smart Blinds - Material (EA)
  • Door and Window Sensor Pack - Material (EA)
  • Smart Light - Material (EA)
  • Smart Lock - Material (EA)
  • Security Camera System - Material (EA)
  • Smart Smoke Detector - Material (EA)
  • Smart Speaker - Material (EA)
  • Smart Thermostat - Material (EA)
  • Video Doorbell - Material (EA)
  • Water Monitoring System - Material (EA)
  • WIFI Mesh System - Material (EA)

The output using this template will give a price to a client and also output labor and materials for a work order.

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