Holiday Lighting Item Template

The holiday lighting template has roughly 15 items that include packages by house size and lighting by the hour.

This template is based on entry of the linear feet / house size which will then calculate the needed time and materials to complete the project. 

The final project price will be based on the calculation of hours and materials and the price of the labor and price of the specific materials. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

More on managing your estimating templates here

This is a list of some of the items included in the holiday lighting template.

  • Holiday Lighting You Lights Installed (LINFT)
  • Holiday Lighting Rented Lights Installed (LINFT)
  • Holiday Light Rental (LINFT)
  • Ranch - 1000 SQFT (EACH)
  • Ranch - 2000 SQFT (EACH)
  • Two Story - 1500 SQFT (EACH)
  • Two Story - 2500 SQFT (EACH)
  • Home and Property - 4000 SQFT (EACH)
  • High Roof Add 20% Labor (HR)
  • Holiday Incandescent Lighting (Strand)
  • Holiday LED Lighting (Strand)
  • Holiday Dome Lighting (Strand)
  • Holiday C9 Bulb (Strand)
  • Holiday Lighting Installation (HR)
  • Holiday Lighting - Description of Services

The pros for using this item template is that Estimate Rocket will calculate the hours and materials needed for each phase of the project which will be published on the work order for easy reference by your field supervisor or crew.

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