Customer Portal - Improvements

The customer portal is a webpage where clients can view their estimates, change orders, and invoices online and accept them. Each client has their own portal and can see all of the documents from current and previous jobs. By default your Estimate Email templates will contain a link to the portal so your customers can view the documents you create. 

In order to allow a more streamlined and positive experience for your customers we have made changes to the customer portal to make the proposal more friendly to view on screens of different sizes.

The original customer portal was a full view of the pdf that you would email to them. This was pixel-perfect, but it forced a lot of horizontal scrolling to view all the line items, prices and project terms, particularly on a mobile device. 

The improved customer portal has a proposal document that changes with the size of the screen, known as a responsive display. If the customer is on a small mobile device they can see the full details of the project with only the typical vertical scrolling.

The signature area is also more convenient on the improved customer portal.

These changes will help your business streamline sales and close more deals right on the spot.

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