Line Item Types

Item types give you the flexibility to build out your items and services in a variety of ways that fit your business model. This option can be set when creating or modifying and item.


Generic is for basic items and services that do not requite a detailed breakdown. 

Labor and Material

Material and Labor are used when the item or service needs these broken out into separate items. These will be totaled into lists that will show up on the below the line items on the project screen and the work order, making it easier to see what you need for each job.

Assembly Items

When service requires a more detailed breakdown of what will be needed to complete the work, assembly items allow you to break list out each part individually. Assembly items are just like normals items except they are made up of one or more generic, labor, or material items for a particular piece of work. For example, an Assembly Item called “Paint Walls” might be composed of a Labor Item “Paint Labor” and a Material Item “Standard Wall Paint”.

Each nested item has a production rate, so to continue the previous example I can specify “sqft” as the units for the “Paint Walls” Assembly, and enter a production rate of 1 gallon of “Standard Wall Paint” per 350 sqft. of walls and a “Paint Labor” rate of 200 sqft. per hour.

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