Project Notes

Notes and other useful information can be recorded in projects. There are two types of notes, Customer, and Internal Notes. Customer notes are visible to the customer on your documents but internal notes are only visible to users of Estimate Rocket. 

Adding Notes

1.) Select the gear at the upper right and Edit Project Information.

2.) Add your notes to either the Customer or Internal Notes field and Save when finished. Customer notes will appear below the line items on the left hand side of the page.


Tags or Hash Tags, are keywords you can enter that are easily visible and can be searched on in any of the Search bars. 

For example, use them to indicate a special job type like #residence or #interior. Another example would be #home or #office to indicate different types of work. You could also use #tags to indicate different service zones, like #east, #west, #zone1, or #zone2.

Once you have saved a project or client with #tags you will see a highlighted badge which indicates that the system recorded the tag you entered. If you do not see the # badge, then you may have entered it incorrectly. Tags must start with # and have only one word.

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