Using the Interior Painting Item Template

The interior painting item template has many different types of elements and will quote based on square feet, linear feet, each or simply dollars and hours. If the items that require a measurement are used the PCA standards for production rates will be used to calculate the labor needed and typical paint coverage will be used to calculate the gallons of paint required. 

There may be items that use only labor such as scraping, sanding and other prep work. Using the items on this template will calculate the needed time and materials for your crew to see in the work order.

Adding items to the estimate 

In a project when the painting interior item template is selected there will be a list of pre-loaded items that will quote based on a production rate and the material coverage rate. 

In this single item example, the 768 SQ FT entered for the paint walls 2 coats has calculated 9.60 hours of labor and 4.39 gallons of paint for the work order. 

The assembly in this case has a production rate of 80 SQ FT per hour and the paint covers 175 SQ FT per gallon.  In each case the production rate of 80 SQ FT / hour and the paint coverage of 175 SQ FT / gallon can be adjusted to fit the specific project. Too many adjustments to these rates are an indication that there may need to be changes / additions made directly to the line items

From the top screen shot different items quote with different measurements. For example windows and doors quote as each and baseboard and crown molding quote in linear feet. 

Adding each of the individual interior components will total the labor and material components in each assembly into a total hours and gallons of each paint type for the project.

Using Output Single Line Item or Not

At the top right hand corner of the interior painting item template there is a box to output single line item or not. There have been many arguments both ways and the best practice we suggest is due to the number of different possible combinations and components in a project. To check the output single line item would require more editing to the description of the item template.  Ultimately the use of this template and combination of items used will determine if the output single line item is the best case for specific estimates.

The interior painting template is ideal for use when building measurements and item counts are used to determine final estimated hour and estimated materials. Some estimates are more based on the expertise of the estimator and based on time and materials alone, Estimate Rocket can also estimate using that method and ideally using the interior painting time and materials item template.

Interior Painting Item Template

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