Interior Painting Time & Material Item Template

The interior painting time and material item template has 3 items. 

This template is setup for the user to enter a time in hours and material either in dollars or in gallons of paint . 

The final project price will be based on the calculation of entered hours times the hourly labor rate and either the straight material dollars or the number of gallons times the price per gallon set at the material level. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the exterior painting time & material template.

  • Interior Painting Services (hour)
  • Interior Painting Materials ($)
  • Interior Painting Materials (gal)

The output using this item template is that Estimate Rocket will place the straight hours into the work order. If the material gallons is used it will also output the number of gallons. 

Full List of Item Templates

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