Artificial Grass Installation Item Template

The artificial grass installation item template is based on a basic time and material type template. This template has a focus on SQFT of project and will include excavation and grass removal and installation of base materials, edging and the actual grass product.

The final project price will be based on the sum of the material total and the labor hours times the labor rate per hour. More on the specific pricing and understanding item assembly setup.

This is a list of the items included in the artificial grass installation template.

  • Artificial Grass Permit (EA)
  • Remove and Dispose of Existing Grass (EA)
  • Artificial Turf Installed (Square Feet)
  • Class II Road Based Installed (Square Feet)
  • Artificial Turf Infill Installed (Square Feet)
  • Weed Barrier Fabric Installed (Square Feet)
  • Mow Strip Installed (Linear Feet)
  • Dump Fee (EA)
  • Turf Deliver Fee (EA)
  • Artificial Turn Installation Services (hour)
  • Artificial Turf Installation Description of Services (EA)
  • Artificial Turf Material (SQFT)
  • Turf Installation Items (EA)
  • Class II Road Base Material (SQFT)
  • Artificial Turf Infill (LBS)
  • Mow Strip Material (Linear Feet)
  • Weed Barrier Fabric (Roll)

The output using this template will give a price to a client and also output labor and materials for a work order.

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