Scheduling Appointments

Schedule on site appointment dates when projects are on the Schedule Estimate and Schedule Work step.

There are a couple of ways to Schedule projects:

  1. While editing a project that is on the Schedule Estimate and Schedule Work step, click the Schedule Estimate and Schedule Work button and you will be taken to the schedule screen
  2. Select the Schedule screen from the top menu bar

(Use this option when you want to schedule a group of projects for one or more Employees.)

Use the search bar to narrow your project list

  • Search on a town name, zip code, or #tag.
  • Enter [near boston, ma] to limit your list to jobs near Boston, MA
  • Enter [distance 20] to limit your list to a 20 mile radius of your location

Scheduling A Project Task:

Once you have selected the project that you want to schedule:

  1. Select the Calendar View that you want, week or month view
  2. Select the Date you want to schedule
  3. Enter a time and notes if needed
  4. Click the Schedule button

Linking your calendar to iCal or Google calendar

  • When you are on the schedule screen you will see a link below the calendar to Subscribe to your calendar
  • This is a unique subscription link to your calendar view that you can enter into Apple's iCal or Google Calendar
  • Each user has a unique subscription link that can be accessed on the schedule screen when they are logged in

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