Enabling the Online Acceptance Feature

If you're new to Estimate Rocket, the Online Acceptance Feature is already turned on for you.

If you're an Existing Estimate Rocket user, there are a couple of things you need to do to get started with it.

First, in Settings > Email Templates, you'll want to edit your Estimate email template and change the body to something like this:

Good day {client_first_name},

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with an estimate.  

[You can view and accept your estimate here]({customer_portal_project_url}).

As soon as we receive your acceptance, we will contact you to schedule your work. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call. 

With many thanks,

{customer_portal_project_url} is the token that supplies the unique web page for this customer to view when they want to view or accept proposals and change orders.

If you choose to use the email body we provided above, you'll want to make sure the Format is set to Markdown (as shown below).

We also recommend that you un-check the Include Project Document option in the email template so the customer is not confused by having 2 options. 

You can also select the new Change Order email template and make any desired additions or changes you would like.

Next, if you want to enable Signature Capture, go to Settings > Document Templates and in the Terms tab, enter the token for the client signature block - {client_signature_block}. This token will provide a place for your client to sign or type their name and will automatically fill in the date they sign it. 

You should also remove any existing signature text and lines and signature date areas from your existing Estimate document.

If desired, you can include more than one {client_signature_block} in the document and Estimate Rocket will make sure they sign them all before allowing the customer to Accept the proposal.

After you've made these changes, Estimate Rocket will send a link to the customer where they can view your Estimates and Change orders and accept them on the spot! 

You can also use the new Proposal menu Customer Portal option when you're in the field to present the estimate to the client in the field for signing and acceptance.

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