February 2023 Updates

New Todos Feature
Projects can be complicated and span many days, weeks and months. They have many different stages and types of things that need to be done. Ensuring that you can schedule more granularly is a target objective of this release. These todos can be scheduled at any time within the project's flow, and can be added to as a project moves through the natural workflow stages.

Todos can be assigned to an individual or group of individuals just like any other assignment. Combined with the powerful new notifications features, this ensures your crew are notified with what they need to do, and when they need to do it, no matter where they are.

UI Improvements

Expenses can be sorted, various small UI updates to improve flow and usability.

Bug Fixes & Performance enhancements

  • Issue with CompanyCam integration whereby only 25 photos would sync to ER/Back
  • Issue related to Expense Reporting
  • Various other performance and update related enhancements

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