Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Estimate Rocket! This guide will walk you through the basics of Estimate Rocket and alot of the features it has to offer. If at anytime you have questions please feel free to message us via chat in the app by clicking the small red circle in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


1.) Logging in, Getting Help, and Live Chat

Wondering how to log in? Have a question you need answered?



2.) Dashboard Overview

Learn how to navigate the Dashboard and use it to stay on top of current project assignment that need to be completed.




3.) Setting Up Additional Employees/Users

Learn how to add additional employees/users to Estimate Rocket. You will also learn how to administrate users permissions.




4.) Setting Up Your Item List - Adding Items

This tutorial will cover setting up your Item List which is a library of saved items you can quickly add to your projects to save you time.




5.) Setting Up Your Item List - Line Item Groups

Line Item Groups allow you to organize your items in various ways and control visually how your items are presented to customers. You can also do things like choose to hide or display things like quantity, unit price, item total, and more.




6.) Setting Up Item Templates

Templates allow you to add multiple items to a project at once saving you time when creating your estimates.




7.) Setting Up Email Templates

In the Professional tier of Estimate Rocket and up, we have Email Templates which are pre written emails that save you the time of having to write out the same email each time you send one to a customer.




8.) Setting up Follow up Campaigns

Follow Up Campaigns automatically send out follow up emails to your customers based on a schedule that you can customize saving you the time and hassle of having to do it for all of your customers.




9.) Setting up Company Info

Brand your account with your logo and contact information that will appear in the header of all documents that are sent out of the system.




10.) Setting up Document Templates

Document Templates let you customize the way your document look including adding your terms & conditions, contract, and more.




11.) Online Acceptance and E-Signatures

Learn how to setup E-Signatures so you can seal each deal with the customers signature on every document they accept from you.




12.) Project Workflow: Managing Jobs from Start to Finish

Learn how to create a new project and bring it from start to finish including creating and delivering estimates to invoicing a project and completing it.





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