Line Item Groups and Display Options

To Group your line items, fill in the Group field on the line item. Or use the Edit group option as shown below to assign items a group name. All line items with the same group name will be grouped on your documents.

Groups can be edited by clicking Edit Group:

Once you click on the Edit Group button you will be see the options for that group:


  • Show Line Item Unit Prices - Show or hide the unit price column for this group
  • Show Line Item Quantities - Show or hide the quantity column for this group
  • Show Line Item Totals - Show or hide the extended total column for each line item
  • Show Group Total - Display a sub-total of the line item Extended Prices for this group
  • Show Group Quantity - Display a sub-total of the line item Quantity column for this group
  • Include In Estimate Total - Included or Exclude line items from the estimate Grand Total. This is useful for presenting optional goods or services. 

(Once a project is accepted, all line items are considered Included in the total unless you use the Exclude from Document button- shown in the first image.)

Saving defaults:

  • Save to Item List - If you want these group settings to be used on other projects, check Save to Item List to save the current settings so that each time you use this Group name, it will default to the saved values.

Click Save when you're done making your changes.

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