Upgrading from Standard to Professional

Here we'll highlight some differences between the Estimate Rocket's Standard and Professional versions.

Supply a Schedule or Reminder Date.

When you click the Schedule Estimate button (image 1), you will see a calendar where you can click on the date to schedule an appointment, choose the time, and enter notes about it (image 2). If you have multiple employees in Estimate Rocket, you also have the option to assign the appointment to another employee (image 3).



When the estimate is done and you click Complete Estimate, enter additional information including Who Completed the Estimate, What is the Complete Estimate Date and Who will Follow Up On Work Acceptance.

Set the start date to the date you'd like the project to show up on your Dashboard to follow up. 

If you have multiple employees in Estimate Rocket you can Assign the next step to an employee, making it show up on their Dashboard when they log in.

Other features of the Professional version include Automated Follow ups, Calendar Subscriptions, and Address Mapping.

Here is the full list of really cool features in the Professional version.

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