Converting MailChimp Templates

1.) Save the Raw email and open it in a text editor (You must use a plain text editor, you cannot use MS Word or Google Docs for this).

2.) Copy all the the code from "<!doctype html>" to the end of the document. 

3.) Go to:

4.) Paste the code into the Encoded field and then select Decode.

5.) Paste the decoded text back into an empty text edit document. 

6.) Highlight all of the code from "<!doctype html>" to "</head>" and delete it.

7.) Change the "<body>" open tag to "<div>" and change the "</body>" closed tag to "</div>".

8.) Remove the code between "<!--*|IF:MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*-->" and "<!--*|END:IF|*-->".

9.) Remove the "View this email in your browser" hyperlink as it will not work.

10.) Remove the "Unsubscribe" hyperlink as it will not work.

11.) Copy the code from the "<div>" open tag to the "</div>" closed tag that you just changed.

12.) Paste all of the code into this converter:

13.) Copy and paste the minified code into your estimate rocket email template and test.

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