Converting MailChimp Templates

Things to note before moving forward:

1.) The email template will lose responsiveness.
2.) Do not use full width images as they will disappear post conversion so don't use full width images.
3.) Solid background colors will have a white margin around the outside post conversion so make your background white but the background in which the text is on can be a different color.

Conversion Process:

1.) Save the Raw email and open it in a text editor like Notepad (You must use a plain text editor, you cannot use MS Word or Google Docs for this).

2.) Copy all the the code from "<!doctype html>" to the end of the document. 

3.) Go to:

4.) Paste the code into the Encoded field and then select Decode.

5.) Paste the decoded text back into an empty text edit document. 

6.) Highlight all of the code from "<!doctype html>" to "</head>" and delete it.

7.) Change the "<body>" open tag to "<div>" and change the "</body>" closed tag to "</div>".

8.) Remove the code between "<!--*|IF:MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*-->" and "<!--*|END:IF|*-->".

9.) Remove the "View this email in your browser" hyperlink as it will not work.

10.) Remove the "Unsubscribe" hyperlink as it will not work.

11.) Copy the code from the "<div>" open tag to the "</div>" closed tag that you just changed.

12.) Paste all of the code into this converter:

13.) Copy and paste the minified code into your estimate rocket email template and test.

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